– At the same time you practice scales & scales and standard & standard progressions in specific webs you should learn the chords and tunes of the best songs ever, written by the most important composers.

– Come into “Selfie videos” with the sheet music of Real Books front of you. Consult our score library.

– Remember: a song every week is enough in the beginning for guitarrists not very expert.

– Improvising  is cool but knowing well the harmony is even better.

– Many students of jazz and bossa make the mistake of dedicating hours and hours to progressions and scales and do not know how to play a single song of the biggest ones.

– Is not possible to perform jazz or bossa music without knowing its history.

Come into “Historical Notes” every day for 10 – 15 minutes.

In case of doubt in the Harmonic Analysis of any of the scores contact us.