Can be a jazz ensemble or jazz combo (grupo de Jazz) really good without saxophone?. Probably NO. Can be a big-band really good without saxophone?. Definitively, NO. The saxophone enclose the essence of good Jazz better than any other instrument. Express the joy and the sad in Jazz Music as well as the guitar in Flamenco Music.  But, the saxophone, the essential and mythic instrument in Jazz Music is not born in USA but in Europe, another proof the Jazz is a world music not only American music. The sax was developed in 1846 by Adolphe Sax, a Belgium-born instrument maker and musician (flautist and clarinetist) working in Paris.  Although there are 9 kinds of saxophone, in Jazz music just are used 4 types of saxo which are the following: alto, tenor, soprano and C-melody saxophone (a kind of saxophone used in the 1920s, between an alto and tenor saxophone).